Key advantages and disadvantages of keeping a dog at home

Dogs make lives easier and livelier. They are a source of comfort and reliance in a world full of hurdles and challenges. Especially for people that struggle with mental health issues, who have internal challenges to deal with in addition to external ones, this need is even stronger. Emotional support animals help such individuals deal with their mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, and thus are of great importance for them.

There are numerous advantages to keeping dogs at home. Small dogs are cute and adorable, and serve to add beauty to your home. If you have a beautiful and well-behaved dog roaming about your home, it would add to the beauty of the home and make it look much more attractive. The guests that arrive at one’s home are immediately turned towards the dogs because their lively and lovable nature attracts them. If the dog that you own has a large size, it can also serve to protect it as a watchdog. Some dog breeds are extremely loyal which makes them ideal for watchkeeping. If you are gone away from home, with a watchdog you can be sure that your house is safe.

Keeping a dog at home helps deal with situational anxiety, especially for people that are suffering from mental health conditions. Such individuals often feel unsafe when they are home alone as their thoughts are stuck to all of the ways that things could go wrong. Their inability to think about other ideas gets inhibited. In such situations, emotional support dogs can help these individuals to feel secure with their companionship. Thus, emotional support dogs help their handlers to avoid situational anxiety.

In order to attain maximum security and accessibility with emotional support dogs at home, you should get your dog certified through an ESA letter. An emotional support animal letter is issued by a licensed mental health practitioner and showcases that you have a mental health condition that requires the constant companionship of an emotional support animal. The ESA letter, if not obtained from a mental health provider practicing within your state of residence, would be considered illegitimate.

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Emotional support animals also help their handlers to develop a routine and bring a structure to their lives. Many individuals with mental health issues have difficulty in bringing structure to their lives. When these individuals have emotional support dogs at home, they become responsible for the well-being of their dogs. They have to make sure that they are fed at the right time, taken outside for a walk at the right time, and cleaned at a proper time. These responsibilities force these individuals to become more organized and structured so that they can meet the demands of their animals efficiently. This newly developed structure also helps these individuals to become more punctual in their social life. Thus, keeping emotional support dogs is also linked with better time management of their handlers.

Apart from these advantages, some disadvantages come with keeping an emotional support dog at home. The people who live with their emotional support dog in a small apartment or a house have to make room for their dogs in an already small place. This can lead to cluttering throughout the house and make the house difficult to organize.

Keeping emotional support dogs can also wear these animals down. Most dog breeds have the characteristic of being extremely agile and active. Being at home for the entirety of the day is against their nature. This can make them stressed out and anxious unless they are taken outside for a walk on a regular basis. Moreover, if the emotional support dog is not trained properly, or becomes overly excited or anxious for some reason, it can also cause damage to household things, such as chewing up important documents or bedsheets. Thus, keeping emotional support animals at home can become challenging at times.

There are different kinds of ESA letters that you can choose from. The most widely obtained ESA letter being the, which allows individuals suffering from mental health conditions to obtain a residence with their emotional support dogs in areas that usually do not allow animals within their structure. The ESA letter protects your rights, as laid out by Fair Housing Act, to obtain residence without any discrimination.

There are different online services that can cater to your ESA needs. Most of them proceed by providing an initial questionnaire to determine the likelihood that you can attain the ESA letter considering your mental health condition. If you wish to proceed given your likelihood, the ESA service providers would link you with a licensed mental health provider through a video or phone conference. The mental health provider would gauge your mental health condition on the basis of which the decision to provide an ESA letter would be made. If the decision is affirmative, you will receive the electronic ESA letter right away, while the physical real esa letter will reach you through mail within a few days. Before getting the assistance of the online ESA letter service, you should ensure that the mental health provider they link you with is licensed and currently practicing. Moreover, you should ask the ESA letter service to provide a sample ESA letter so that you can ensure that it has all the components in a typical ESA letter. Given these considerations are catered to, you will receive a genuine ESA letter as per your needs. 

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